Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thing 276 Freezer Head Thing

Go to Google...

type in '241543903'

Click on 'Images' on the top of your screen

Be confused
I do love to hop on a good bandwagon when the situation allows. There's few things I enjoy more than letting a good idea run away with me. In fact, I'm more than half stupid when it comes to things like this. Dr Zombie puts it up on facebook and two days later it's pretty much all I can think about. The Frenchman has seen it too... he knows how I operate, he knows I'm mad for this.

I assume you've followed the instructions above? If not, Google 241543903, and then look at the images. It's just a bunch of people who got together to have their photos taken with their heads in freezers. You can't get me to follow fashion. I despise trends and the idea of being trendy. I'm just not that guy. But tell me a whole bunch of people are being weird together, and I can't wait to be involved. I'm just bursting to be part of the insanity.

I love it.

It's called a MEME. Don't ask me why. I don't bother finding this kind of thing out, I just want in. It's like a people's pointless movement. And for some reason this is the kind of thing I think it worth being a part of.

If you want in, it's pretty straight forward to take part. Take a photo of yourself with your head in a freezer. If you've got a Frenchman, he'll be able to use his camera which increases your personal awesomeness by up to fifty percent, and he'll snap one or two good 'uns. Get a load of the black and white one at the top there - tell me that's not classy looking?

Next step is to load to which is a thoroughly lovely photo sharing site, frequented by the French and Non-French alike. Simply tag your new freezer head photos with the number given above, and Google will recognise it as stock for its image search. You're now part of an international movement of people who decided that someone sticking their head in a freezer might be funny, but several thousand people doing it is hilarious beyond words.

Welcome to our gang. We're cool.

Dr Zombie will have to take the credit for this. I owe you one pint sir. Collect at your leisure.

Sorry... Just one more... for fun... Does my ass look big in this freezer?


  1. Reason number 241543903 why people are strange.

  2. WATCH OUT! theres a virus attached to that website