Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thing 141 Knit Something

First off; I didn't knit all of those. That photo was a hook, to reel you in. Look at all the knitting is what you must have been saying. I bet you feel used. Those were all knitted by The Knitting Circle, who've got their own weekly "Stitch and Bitch" session in O'Connell's of a Wednesday. I like it because it rhymes and describes (roughly) what they're doing with their day.

Secondly; everyone keeps telling me that I definitely knitted (knat? Is knat a word? Froodie said it earlier, and I like it, so I think I'll keep it) when I was in Primary School. I've no recollection of ever knitting anything. And I certainly never finished anything - since if I did knit, I couldn't have done it for longer than ten minutes. I also broke a lot of bones when I was small(er). Not as many as Thorny Wire, but still a good few. Maybe I was in a cast or something. Anyway - I don't ever recall having knat anything before.

That there folks, is a picture of success. Now I know what you're thinking: That hat is too small for a person, but I'm cool with that. Here's why: Click on this bit. Basically, for every tiny hat you knit, or have knat, Innocent drinks are giving money to Age Action Ireland. I get to knit something, and a worthy cause gets a few bob. I suggested this to The Knitting Circle and about two days later they've got dozens of them Rasta hats, fruit hats, fruity hats, hats with faces... They're awesome. No doubt about it. Froodie, Fantazey, Lady Lou (with a little help from two highly amusing Little People). I take my hat off to you ladies... (get it? Hat off? Get it? I slay me...)
The first problem is of course, that I don't know how to knit. Froodie tells me she can bang together one of those amazing little hats in forty minutes. Prizes for guessing how long it took me to get it done? If you're thinking of a number under three hours, you're wrong. Now, Froodie tells me that Stitch and Bitch works because knitting allows your mind to be free for chatting. Personally, I think that me and Big Red were so focused on our knitting, we looked like we were trying our hands at complex long division - Lady Lou says it takes "muscle memory". I was able to get into a good rhythm for a while, but as soon as I let my concentration slip... Well, suffice to say it's a good thing knitting needles aren't sharp, and I should never be trusted with anything pointy in the first place.
Look how smug Big Red is with his. I know the feeling big man. I'm just as impressed with myself.

It's funny how many of the Things are turning out to be fun alternatives to drink. I'm forever giving out that there's nothing to do in town if you're not planning on a session, but Stitch and Bitch is an absolute winner. Relax with your friends, while actually building something with your own hands. Result all round I think.

Give it a shot. I dare you.

Also, if you're already a knitter, give The Big Knit a look. It's a properly worthy cause and it's fun, and it wont break the bank, and you get to make tiny little hats...

Here's the link again.. LINK!!!


  1. I'm bored with this project now, surely you must be too. 1 what do you hope to get from this experience, 2 are you unemployed at the moment and 3 why didn't you organise it better. Do things that are more spectacular. Get sponsorship raise money for charity?

  2. Dear LL, I could probably let the man answer for himself, but I helped him out with this one...
    1) he is learning and doing new things and sticking at something for a year. Duh
    2) he came straight from work to do this. What did you do today?
    3) it's not a publicity stunt. It's something he is fitting into his life. If he did something spectacular every day he would be exhausted.

  3. Strange, strange experience. The knitting was unexpectady enjoyable but it's the torrent of verbal abuse so well crafted I never had a chance at a comback (or retaining any dignity) that made it memorable. And the abuse all came from a 12 YEAR OLD GIRL.



  5. Such an entertaining evening. :)

    Twas great to have new faces along to Stitch'n'Bitch.

    @Big Red, thank you for reeling from the verbal stings of my offspring with such pluck!

    The project is shaping up to be a great 'bucket list' & the best thing about it is that Dan's doing it while he's young enough to enjoy it (although 'bikini wax' & 'enjoy' don't seem to compute in my mind oddly enough).

  6. LL,
    These are all excellent questions. I'm not going to answer any of them. I am however still taking suggestions. If you've got something in mind that you think I should do, feel free to send it on. Email me- I'll take all suggestions, big, small, crazy or not.

  7. Omg Blonde Boss your gas you tell her, was talking to Dr Zobie today he says your feeling under the weather hope you get better :) x

  8. LL - to quote the project - "Basically, for every tiny hat you knit, or have knat, Innocent drinks are giving money to Age Action Ireland. I get to knit something, and a worthy cause gets a few bob." - This is, as you say, raising money for charity, right??

  9. Dan I hear shreddies are hiring for their next advertising campaign...move over grannies!!! Dr O x