Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thing 155 Hang The Giant Flag

Another day of firsts for very different reasons... I could have made the title for this entry: Wind Up North Cork. Sorry Cork people... I couldn't resist. I've got nothing really against you, I'm sure you're all very lovely people. But I've adopted County Down until the next time Limerick make an All Ireland Final. I'm throwing my lot in with the Mourne Mountain Men (I'm also apparently throwing my lot in with alliteration). So we strategically located the best place to put the flag...

On the road from North Cork to Dublin.

Mallow and Charleville Cork people will be driving underneath. Wave at my flag...
I just realised that it's a damn cruel thing to do. Cork people are going to be taunted by a gang of Limerick morons (and a Token Northy).

Oddly enough, there was a lot of support, at least I think it was support, people beeped horns at us as they drove underneath, waved at us as they drove passed. I can't understand why, but I felt like I should have been sneaking. I think I'd have been more comfortable putting up our banner in the dead of night. With a balaclava on. Dressed all in black. Not out in the day time at three o'clock in the afternoon with people watching us.

I hope Cork people don't hate me... But I really mean this: Up Down.
The other brand new experience:

Young Munsters 12 Shannon 9

I've been watching Young Munsters since I was a tiny child. I miss out sometimes, shift work, laziness, hangovers, Frenchmen. But I'm a Cookie (it's what Young Munsters fans are called. I'm not trying to refer to myself as a baked good) through and through.

In all my years watching Young Munsters, I've never seen us beat Shannon. City rivalries are a good banter. The crowds turn up. There's tension and suspense. There's loads of slagging back and forth. Shannon typically win. They've been Ireland's most successful rugby club for the last fifteen or so years. I've never seen us beat them. Last night. We did.

This is my favourite Thing ever... On a day when hanging the giant flag I spent five hours making was supposed to be my Thing for the day, Young Munsters steal the show.

Congrats Cookies. You've given me a new experience I'll never forget!

Young Munsters Charity Cup Champions 2010.


  1. Gway out of that Mooney you couldnt beat the Black and Blue in normal time and we were unlucky with that last kick by Sargeant

  2. You know, I saw the banner on the bridge coming home from work the other day, and I knew it was you!

  3. Saw it too.. keep up the good work

  4. hope token northy got a ticket for tomorrow, i am shouting for Down anyway!