Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thing 165 Eat Wild Boar

Thorny Wire met me in the Milk Market today. I liked it so much last week, I decided to go back this week. He asked me what my Thing for the day was. I told him - eat some wild boar. I picked it up at the market that day. He looked skeptical and unconvinced. Too easy he said. I tried to explain that it's not all marathons and stadiums and needles in haystacks. Sometimes it's just about the experience of doing something I've never done before.

He reached out and poked me in the shoulder.

"There", he said, "I've never poked you in the shoulder while you were holding wild boar meat before. New thing for me done".

I can't argue with this logic. Touché Thorny Wire... touché.

Still counts though. How many times would someone normally go out of their way to eat wild boar meat? The fact is that with my delicate little tummy, and my OCD about where I eat and who I eat with, and most importantly, what I eat, there's just no way that I'd ever bother eating wild boar meat if not for the Project.

I could have made it more challenging: I could have hunted the boar myself, but that would have involved working. Sweating. And it's a Saturday. After a Friday night. If you don't mind too much, I'd like a coffee and a crepe and a caramel slice (I know, I know, put down the fork right?) and I'll eat some wild boar meat at my leisure without having to kill my grub first.

To add insult to the growing injury list, I've been hanging around with that Frenchman for far too long. I'm developing something of a taste for fancy crap that I'd normally stick my sizeable nose up at: Fancy breads. Fancy cheeses. Pancakes with blue berries in them (I know, I know, put down the fork... again). It's no wonder I'm lazy...

So here how we did it. Garlic ciabatta (fancy), grilled a little on one side, some grated red cheddar (fancy) and some wild boar meat (not fancy, manly and not for the faint hearted). Little pre dinner wild animal starter.

Taste: robust is a good word. It's strong, there's no doubt about that. Tasty though. I mean, really it shouldn't be such a big deal, he's only a wild pig, and I eat tame pig all the time, so it shouldn't be an issue, but for some reason it was.

Well worth a try folks. So is that milk market in Limerick by the way. It's really very awesome.

Pictured: Chubby...

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  1. Mmmmmm, want! Was it Irish boar?
    God I'd go for some now. That, or some horse. Horse is great, you should try it.