Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thing 152 Juggle

You know, I've a dreadful habit over over-estimating my own abilities. I thought I could sit on fifteen thousand seats in Thomond Park in eight hours. In retrospect, that's stupid and I'm a tool. There was fifteen thousand of them for crying out loud. I also thought I could pick up juggling in an evening. No problems I said. The Canuck and The Frenchman nearly cried laughing into their maple syrup and cloves of garlic, respectively (I know, I know, stereotyping is lazy).
Sorry, not giving you two-fingers there, the balls are out of shot, I promise.

By the way, laughing at the word balls is immature and inappropriate, you should grow up. Honestly. You wouldn't catch me and Token Northy and Pony Boy and The Frenchman laughing at that. We're very grown up. Ahem. And laughing at people who make jokes about juggling balls are even worse. Ahem.

The mechanics are not straightforward. This is why people who have lots to do talk about juggling tasks. People who are trying to keep several tasks running at the same time are said to ahve "many balls in the air" - I asked you not to laugh at that. You kids should be ashamed of yourselves. So this is the basics...

In your right hand, two balls, in your left, one. Throw one from right to left, before you catch with left, throw the left ball into the right hand, before it lands in the right hand, throw to left, before it lands in left, throw over to right...

You get where this is going. Not nearly as easy as it sounds.

Like so many other things on this Project, I did it, but would hardly call myself a master. Doing it is enough for me. I'll practice more, I promise. The real reason for doing this, is of course, for my nieces and nephews - they're gonna love seeing their Uncle Dan juggling for their entertainment.

I'm so gonna be the favourite.
P.S. Because I'm getting into the habit, here's a photo of the Token Northy looking like a Walrus. Again. He loves it. By the way, and I know this is shameless promotion, but he's from County Down, and he needs a ticket for the Football All Ireland... Little help? Otherwise he's watching it in Limerick with us - and that's just lousy...

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