Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thing 168 Dominos

The game Dominos has something to do with dots and lining up dots against other dots. I might still add learning the rules of that game to my list of Things, but this, this one was not about dots. It was about knocking some shit over. I love knocking some shit over.

I went to the shopping centre to pick up some dominos yesterday, with the intention of setting up hundreds of them all over my living room. How much is that for two boxes of about twenty dominos each? Twenty euro? You kidding? No? Right. Fuck that. I don't mind shelling out for stuff, but there's no way I'm spending one hundred euro on two hundred dominos. Apparently I'm not that stupid. Who knew?

I've got a neat little DVD collection. There's about three hundred of them. Domino fun and (mostly) watchable movie entertainment. They really are Digital Versatile Discs. The mostly watchable thing is still up for debate... I bought Doomsday a couple of weeks ago, and it made me want to claw my own eyes out in disgust at how BAD a movie it is. But I digress...
I got some help. Bite Size (she will not enjoy her blog name, but then, who does?) called over to make me some hot drinks or what she calls "Danny's Flu Cure". It's basically whiskey, fruit and hot. It's nice though. So Bite Size suggested that maybe I was being a bit optimistic trying to make the DVDs fall up the stairs. Since science is kind of against the notion of things falling up. Can't fault her logic really.

So we started at the top of the stairs, and worked our way down. Across the hall. Into the living room. Finishing up with the forty or so dominos I'd bought that day. Painstaking is the only word. It's the only word because we'd several false alarms. Try spending the guts of an hour setting up, only to sneeze, and set off a domino effect with the domino effect you've been trying to set up.

I was cranky several times.
So it's a Tuesday night. It's a shitty Tuesday night. I've got a touch of a cold. There's not a whole lot to watch on the box (unless you like watching Chelsea win matches, which I don't). Project to the rescue. There's little more satisfying than getting to play like a child at the ripe old age of twenty six, and having a reasonable excuse to do so...

And it worked. Sort of. Here's a poor quality video (poor quality because it was shot on my phone, in the dark and with me in the way). Still fun though... Click here!!

Thanks Bite Size!!

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