Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thing 147 Bunratty Dungeon

There're plenty of Things on this list that are quite "touristy" if such a word exists. In the coming weeks (when I'm feeling better - I'm as sick as a pig at the moment) Fine yesterday, a mess today, I'll be touring around the country doing all sorts of touristy bits. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Bun Raite, or Bunratty (or Funratty if you want to put it that way, which of course, I do) is an excellent example of a proper tourist attraction for the region. Plenty of history lessons, plenty of people dressed up as medieval entertainers, singing for my amusement, plenty good food. It's a real treat.

Got anyone staying in Limerick or Clare any time soon? Well worth a trip out.

Part of the novelty is the entertainment. Some excellent singing people who also serve the food. Part of their job is to get their guests involved in the action, which they do admirably. To do this, they appoint an Earl of Thomond from the guests. Also, during the evening's fun, well, someone ends up being thrown in a dungeon.

That someone? Me. Token Northy rang ahead and told them he wanted me thrown in. I party guessed something was amiss. I don't often get called a scoundrel fifteen times before dinner. So after much baying for my blood (Token Northy and The Canuck could be clearly heard screaming for my head to be chopped off - I was thrown in the dungeon.

Which isn't a dungeon. Which makes it something of a let down. But it's still part of the fun. I was also made to sing for my freedom when I was let out - what did I go with? Wild Rover.... tourists love that stuff.

Good fun.

Tourism in Ireland needs a serious kick up the arse. We priced ourselves out of the market. We've got some excellent stuff to show off here, but nobody wants to play with us anymore. Because we cost too much.

Maybe the recession will fix it, but something's got to be done.

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  1. Ah, my old alma mater. 2005 - 2008. Best job ever!! And i'm pretty sure IT IS a dungeon danny boy! Thief..