Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thing 154 Make A Giant Flag

There's not enough Arts and Crafts on this Project. To make matters worse, there's not enough GIANT arts and crafts. It's like fun for a giant family. Specifically a giant from County Down. To make our giant flag we used the following tools:

Money. A little more money. 4 metres x 2 metres of black fabric. 4 metres x 2 metres of red fabric. Some little hole making things (alright so I'm not up to date with the lingo), hemming tape, and lots of white pillow cases, an iron, an iron instruction manual, taco fries and some dumbbells. Yep. Apparently weights were crucially important in the flag making industry.
This was another example of seriously over-estimating my own abilities. Couple of hours work I thought. How long can it take, it's just a damn flag. Cut out some letters. Iron them on. Hey presto. Token Northy was recruited to outline the size of the letters, then to draw them. Alright there's no point in lying, he did most of the work. I cut out the letters, while I watched football, and sliced my own hand a little... I told you all I shouldn't be trusted with sharp things.

After your letters are done, hemming tape needs to be put down underneath each and every letter. Not just one or two strips. Every inch of lettering has to be covered on the underside, and then ironed on through a wet towel. It's painstaking work. Honestly, it's non stop.

The Token Northy did it for The Canuck, made a giant flag . It was a Canada Day flag. I saw Token Northy do it, and I decided to help out.
But I've a shocking attention span, so when I saw a letter D. Hilarity ensued... No, not really. I just put my head in it. It's easy to get a few cheap laughs. Not from you obviously, but from myself. When I'm bored. It was taking too long to get it done, and my attention span was shortening by the minute, so I recruited help. Living with Token Northy is fun, and practical. It's like having your fourth class teacher in a room across the hall. Except obviously I'm 26 now. So we called him. And the work was done in half the time.
You know when you go to a match and there's a serious banner hanging over a railing, or being passed over the heads of the crowd members? I've always wonders who made them? Do people go all the way out of their way to make these things? Or are they smarter than me and get some professionals to do the job? I'm betting on professionals.
By the way, this Sunday... Up Down!!

P.S. Token Northy's real name revealed... (as if most of you didn't already know).

P.P.S. We made it onto Lamebook. That's not always a good thing, but in this case, I thought it was awesome. Have a look...


  1. I saw that banner and suspected it might be your work! What with Token Northy being a Down man and all.

  2. There are actually some random readers of this blog you know. I don't know any of you. (Apart from Froodie, I've noticed her name popping up, but then I think Froodie know's everyone PS I still have a DVD belonging to her!)

    I also think Gate Crashing a wedding would be a fun "thing". I got married recently and I can assure you I wouldn't have noticed a gate crasher, just say you're a colleague of the *insert bride or groom here* from work.

    There was a guy at my wedding (friend of my father in law), I went up and said hello to him - he stared at me blankly, he had no idea who I was. I said "I'm Maz" he still stared at me blankly, so I said "the bride" and eventually he went "Oh, yes of course, thanks for the invite". I admit that my dress wasn't very weddingy but still?? Anyway my very rambly point is that there are loads of people at weddings who don't know each other, there will always be an assumption that you are so and so's friend etc so gate crashing a wedding would be a fairly easy thing to do.