Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thing 162 Take a Mensa Test

This is the kind of test you don't mind waiting a couple of weeks for, as opposed to the type that you really, really do mind waiting for. One way or another, wait is exactly what I'm going to have to do.

The way it works:

Mensa's an organisation for smart people. Not just smart people. Frighteningly intelligent people. The upper 2% of IQs internationally. Basically Lisa Simpson sized smarts. If you want in, you've got to sit a test. If you want to sit the test, it's recommended that you try a home test first. So I ordered one...

Intelligence Quotient. Let's have a think about that for a second while we look back at some Project Things: Drinking pee, look for a needle in a haystack, barefoot for a day, stuffing my face with hubba bubba, betting one hundred euro on England to win the World Cup (man that one will haunt me for some time). Intelligence seems to be sadly lacking...

On top of that, I've recently come in for some criticism. I've been outwitted by The Thief on several occassions. Token Northy seems to be outsmarting me for fun. Then there's Big Red and The Frenchman. And of course... the smug Canuck.

I need a win here folks! I'll prove them all wrong when I get in to Mensa. That'll make me cool...

Alright, that was a bit glib, but seriously, I really do want to get in, and I don't know why.

I'm not allowed to repeat any of the questions, but I'll give you some examples of what comes up.

Furniture, chair (seat, couch, table, clothes, dresser, shirt).

Pick the two words inside the brackets that correspond to the relationship of the words outside the brackets. Whatever that means...

Here's another fun game:


Now imagine that short grid, except larger, and answer the following: What letter is between the letter that is above the letter which is before O, and above the letter which is above the letter A. Answers in the comment box please...

Forty five minutes on a random Wednesday evening, and I can tell you honestly, there's worse ways to spend that time...

I subsequently went a destroyed some braincells...

To Arthur!!


  1. Answers i think are Seat and couch and the letter W. The first letter they talk about is E. Its above I which is before O and the second letter is Q which is above Y which is above A.

  2. Damn it. 'Anonymous' got there before me. So ya, clothes and shirt. That was pretty easy. I got E and Q also but again, this means nothing as I've been beaten to the post. I loathe being 2nd best.

  3. There are 5 types of intelligence...mensa only measures one type.mathemathical,musical,emotional,logical, divide ur score by 5 and see how dumb u really are..haha

  4. misspelled "occasions".

    Good luck with the Mensa results. ;)