Monday, September 20, 2010

Thing 158 Milk Market

It's one of the oldest Markets in the country. It's been sitting there, smack in the middle of Limerick City since 1852. One hundred and fifty eight years. For two of those years I hated it. Not because it was a market. I hated it because all the market goers on a Saturday morning would rob my seat in Rubens.

Seventeen year old me had possession issues with seats. Clearly.

It's probably the last bit of serious business that gets done in the City Centre. Limerick's been something of a ghost town since the old Recession kicked in. On a Saturday morning though - the market's up the walls with passing trade. Stalls, bustle, it's almost like a city centre should be.

The significant problem: It's on in the morning. I hate the morning. By the time I get out of the scratcher and into town, most of the market is done for the day, leaving behind a mess and a bunch of people who won't get out of my way while I'm trying to drive. I know, their stalls are more important, but I don't care!!!
On the 17th of June this year, the new Milk Market was unveiled. There's no point in lying about this, I'd been to the previous market, back in it's previous incarnation. But two million euro later, this is a whole new ball game.

The Frenchman loves the new place. Every Saturday he's out of bed early, strolling around with his necklace of garlic bulbs, through the market. I kept promising that I'd go. I kept not going. My mam asked me why I was going to great lengths to try new things everyday, and refusing to do something new that's right on my doorstep.
I had no answer to that.

So Saturday, me and The Canuck went walkies into the new brand new (three months old) Milk Market.

Two things for you: Gourmet coffee and crepes. Sold. Never mind the stalls with the fresh fish, and the butcher stalls with exotic meats, and the fact that you can get practically everything there, all with a nice cosy little spot to sit down and drink. For gourmet coffee and crepes, I might actually get out of bed early this Saturday.

I still think it looks ridiculous from the outside - seen the picture up top there? Not think it looks out of place? Worth the visit though... I wonder would they let me work a stall there as one of the Things?

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  1. i miss rubens. go away, flannerys!