Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thing 133 Light A Cigar With Burning Money

You know, this could have been done last night. Really I could have blogged on time yesterday, but I didn't, because I didn't feel well, and I'm disgusted with myself...

It takes a special kind of douche bag to light money on fire. Some people do it as an act to show their devotion to asceticism. Some people want to prove that they don't need money, that God is in their life, and he'll provide. Some people light money on fire, so they can light a cigar, which is so wrong, and so horrendous that it makes me a little queasy...
It's a cultural reference. Krusty the Klown does it on the Simpsons. It's done in American Psycho, and referenced in Agathe Christie books. It's seen as being the ultimate "fuck-you" to society. I don't want to say bad words to society. I like society. I live there. All my stuff's there. I do like a good cigar, but this one was ruined by virtue of the act of lighting it might have scarred my soul a little.

I picked a five euro note. A part of me said "go bigger", if you're going to feel bad about this anyway, you may as well go for a high denomination. Take a fifty and burn it to light a big fat Romeo y Julieta Number 3. But I couldn't. It was just all kinds of wrong.

Big Mac was back in town, and he was thoroughly horrified as well. Giving it to him would have been a much more worthy cause.

It has been done to an absolute extreme in real life you know. Ever hear of the K Foundation? Here's some details on them: K Foundation.

They burnt 1 million pounds sterling. 1 million pounds. I burnt a fiver and now I hate myself a little. They burnt one million. They also opened fire on their audience with machine guns full of blanks. So it's not like they've got the "sanity market" cornered.
So it's done. I get to join an illustrious group of rich people and douche bags who've burned money for the purpose of looking like they don't care. I have to admit - that photo up there does make me look a little smug right?

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  1. Did Mac not give you his lecture on the Evil (note the capitalisation) that is capitalism? He thinks he's a socialist. It's hilarious.