Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thing 117 Spiritual Healing/Reading

The thing about spiritual healing and fairies, spirit guides, power animals and auras is that you pretty much take out of them what you put in you know? It's easy to be skeptical. Just assume everyone else is wrong and you've pretty much got it. I do it all the time: The Canuck? Wrong. Token Northy? Wrong. The Frenchman? Couldn't be more wrong. Skepticism. It's fantastic.

But there's no point in going to see a spiritual medium if you're going to walk into the place and assume the person taking the time to help you out is a nut job. Mind you, I've never been filled with faith when someone tells me that my aura has to be cleansed... Saying my aura is dirty are you? The cheek...

On the other hand, if you've got the belief and the attitude, there's nothing to say that it's wrong. Added to this, it's hard not to be attracted to something that's basically very positive. I think we're all fed up of being told we're crap at being humans, and we're to be punished for being bad people. If one more person tells me I'm a bad person, they're getting an evil look.

So I went along. Got my aura cleansed (if I'm being honest, it's about time, I haven't had that seen to in yonks). Then we did a spiritual reading. Here's how it works: my energy is transferred into the cards, which are then read to interpret my future and analyse my present. The results: I've got an ancient soul. No wonder everyone says I'm a cranky man, old before my time. And I need to slow down. One thing that was right on the money was that I'm way too busy in my life... I could have told you that, but how did she know?

It would be far too easy to say that I scoffed at the whole thing and walked out the door laughing at the people who weren't as smart as me... that's not what happened. I was relaxed. The whole thing was thoroughly laid-back and easy-going. I actually enjoyed myself. Really.

I'm not going to tell you that someone else's beliefs are wrong, that's not right, but I'm still a little skeptical. Having said that, I believe in a man/god who sent himself down to earth to die so that he could open the door of heaven for himself (and the rest of us), almost like he'd locked himself into heaven by accident - so who's crazy now? On top of that, the whole thing is too nice for me to say anything bad about it.

It's hard to bad mouth people who spend their time seeing the good in people. They're practically fairies sure...


  1. First your naughty bits and now your aura? You'll be the cleanest man in Limerick soon Dan!

  2. I want to mock, I want to tell you she knew your life was busy because you have bags under your eyes, and want to say it all crap but if it somehow mad you feel better then ill let you off.... this once mind no more talk of fairies ya hear!

  3. 1. Unless she had a spiritual power hose, your aura is still pretty grubby.

    2. Your belief in a two thousand year old undead Jewish magician may explain your fascination with the coming "zombie apocalypse"

    3. While I may not always be correct, you ALWAYS believe every word I say


  4. If your going in with an unbleieving attitude actually has an effect on the outcome, then it's automatically bullshit.
    It needs to be able to work all the time, every time, without requiring you to believe in it, like Panadol. Then I'll see what it's about.