Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thing 127 Build a Furniture Fort

I know I've probably said this, and I'm in the habit of repeating myself (must be the old age, senility at 26, it could only happen to me), but the Things on the list are way more fun if I've got this gang of clowns with me. Making a fort on my own seems a little pathetic - like walking to town to feed birds, on your own. There's something decidedly tragic about it. Throw in five grown up children and you're made.

Me and Thorny Wire used to do this when we were small. I remember thinking that Ci Ci Do and Bean Bag were seriously missing out on the fun. I assumed it was because they were older, and everyone knows older people are less fun. I decided it wouldn't happen to me, I would remain cool when I got older. When I grew up, I decided, my house would have a for in it every night of the week.

Then I discovered beer. And zombie games for the x-box.

This is where The Project comes in...
Oh yeah, Top Cat declared me Earl of Fortington, and made me wear a thing on my head. I like wearing things on my head. I should declare a silly hat day, except it was already done long before The Project. Pony Boy also loves silly hats.

The fun thing about being a grown up when it comes to making a fort is that there's lots of furniture in your house that you own. As long as you don't live with mam and dad, you can't get away with taking the dining table and putting it on top of your sideways turned couches. The problem about being a grown up is that you spend way too much time planning the damn thing and not enough time building. It's slightly less fun than previously remembered. But we all wanted to have good fort, plenty of space and all that.
Construction began in the summer of 2010, and was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Total cost - 1 glass that I dropped when I was moving the coffee table. Smashy smashy. Time spent on the project. Ahh.... about twenty minutes. Two couches turned sideways, one armchair turned on its side, the dining table, several blankets, multiple cushions and a lamp that The Frenchman insisted on. Could have burnt the place down. Didn't though. Fort was way too cool for that.
I'll probably never do this again in my life. Not because I didn't like it, but because I've outgrown it, which is actually kind of sad. I hope that at some time I'll do this again for some fun, but in all likelihood I wont. This is something I'm glad I did again. Next time there'll be a window to the TV so I can play zombie games in my fort...


  1. Did it last summer in Africa, with about ten foam mats, to shelter from the rain, and smoke copious amounrts, with three buddies. We lived like KINGS.

  2. RAGIN I missed this one!!

  3. Also being in a cocoon under your duvet is fun - especially when you are up until 4am and too scared to go to bed because you think a zombie will see you if you move - not good!