Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thing 116 Put Something on YouTube

There it is. Me getting the wax job from yesterday done. It's long, and I think maybe too long for the funniness to last. If it was me watching and you getting waxed, I'd probably be bored before the end - not because you're boring, but because my attention span is short. Like most people on YouTube.

There are pros and there are cons to most things in life- YouTube is no different. Pros include; free music, social interaction, greater exposure to new music and new talent, laughing at stupidity and Flight of the Concords.

Cons include Justin Bieber, people trying to drive up their hit count by sticking "Megan Fox sex scene" in the title. She's not that flaming hot anyway. I'm not saying she's bad looking, but she's not that hot.

And of course, the worst thing about YouTube. The worst possible thing, that's almost makes the whole thing worth shutting down. The commentary.

It's almost as though anyone with half a brain doesn't even see the comments section, but it's a bright neon sign for every tool and moron with a laptop and an index finger. The drivel... the stupidity. It depresses me slightly...

But I digress... it's still a most excellent site. Ever played YouTube game? I'm assuming the answer is no, even though it may not be. Six or seven people in a room, one by one, everyone gets to choose a video to play. If you're having a few beers, music is probably the way to go, if not, anything counts, and everyone gets a turn. Fun game. Pony Boy's obsessed with it.

So I had to do it for The Project. Ideally I'd like to have done something clever and witty. Something that would make people laugh, but that took some creativity to organise. Instead I just ripped the video that Aidin from Today FM put together for me, and jammed it onto the interweb. Hope it amuses you.

By the by, I got to thinking about the awesomeness of YouTube and kind of put together a little list of favourites. The links are all here. I hope you get a laugh out of it...

Terrible Terry Tate the Office Linebacker, from the old Adidas ads in the USofA

John Lajoie the comedian raps his finest white rhymes.

I know this is cruel, but I can't stop laughing, and the remix is excellent... cyber police, hilarious.

Flight of the Concords. Had to be at least one.

This is horrendously cruel... you're going to think I'm a bad person, but it's too funny.

Cyanide and Happiness can do no wrong...

I know they've got more popular songs, but this is my favourite.

Jim Breuer talking about the party in the stomach.

I want to put more up here. We could actually do this all night. But I've got bed to hit... Now to sit back and wait to become a YouTube sensation...

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