Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thing 9 See the Book of Kells

Did you know that the Irish saved civilization? Or at least that's what they tell me... Basically, as books were burned across Europe and Vikings plundered for all they were worth (they were awesome at that), copies of religious texts and histories were being lost left right and centre. Irish monks were copying and transcribing goodo (and they were awesome at that - which is pretty crap compared to being awesome at plundering).

Among the fine works completed by the Celtic monks was the Book of Kells.

It's described in the Annals of Ulster (stop giggling children), as being one of the most important pieces of lietature in Western Civilization around the time of 1200ad. Which is quite a feat. It remains to this day one of the finer representations of Irish culture. And it's also a complete miracle that it even survived - since the Vikings spent so much time sacking the shit out of Kells. Seriously. They torched that place dozens of times.

It's one of those things that everyone should see if they live in Ireland and have ever heard of Dublin (am I spelling it right? Dublin?). Sad thing is, it's one of the weird things I kept putting off over and over. I'll see it next time, I kept saying.

It's really breathtaking stuff. And I'm kind of ashamed that I didn't take the time to see it sooner.

On the list of other cool stuff that I've not seen in Ireland - Blarney Stone, Giant's Causeway, Newgrange, Longford... (scratch that last one...).

Tonight's fun and games includes a nice trip to Panti Bar with a good gang of Dubs, and will constitute tomorrow's Thing - Attend a Drag Show. Here's hoping it's as inspiring as today's trip...

P.S. Aud - I'll donate blood next week in Limerick. I got the not so subtle text message hint earlier on... :) Thanks though!!!

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