Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thing 1 Smoke a Cigarette Through Nostrils

Did you know that your nose is basically just a lump sticking out of the vertebrates that have evolved to protect your nostrils? Yep. That's what it is. For breathing out of, and for smelling with is what we know it's for... For smoking out of? No. That's ridiculous surely...

So The Project starts with the stupidest, most Jack-Ass style disgusting junk I put on there. Basically, it's my birthday. My mates are having fun, there's a party slowly developing around me, and I totally forgot to organise something to do to kick off The Project. Yep... Stupid is as stupid does.

So I decided to pick the "Smoke Cigarette Through Nostrils" bit. Calling it revolting is only the start of how manky it is. My nose hairs are singed. I smell only cigarette butt. My beer tastes like crap... Stupid Project. The nose, awesome as it is, was never designed for this crap. So this blog post should be dedicated to the memory of me being able to smell things; cakes baking, food cooking, grass being cut fresh, a big cup of coffee brewing. These things I must now live without. Smells are totally underestimated.

I spoke with Big Red, Dr Frasier and a few others over coffee about how smells can totally transport you back to your childhood. Something triggers an emotion and the memories come flooding back... not for me anymore. Sad face.

But at least we've kicked off eh? The long road just begins. For photographic fun, check out the profile pic here on, cos it's proof that I did something that disgusting. Here's hoping the rest aren't as manky...


  1. I'm sure your sense of smell will come back! Are you going to post a picture with every "thing"? I think you should so there is photographic evidence!

  2. I totally forgot to organise something here to do to kick off The Project. Yep... Stupid is as stupid does.