Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thing 4 Write My Name With My Toes

Firstly: Feet are disgusting. It's a personal opinion thing. I don't like feet. Not mine, or anyone else's. I'm sure yours are lovely feet, but without having seen them, I can tell you safely that I don't like them. Sorry.

Secondly: I know this a kind of a dumb Thing to have on The Project, but I've really never used my feet for anything other than walking, running and standing, so it's about time they got some diversification right (or in this case, left)?

If you're short of inspiration, or think that you've got it tough in life, then have a look at this guy's life-story and his long, long list of achievements:

Or watch the movie My Left Foot. Pure genius.

So anyway, that's the serious bit done. On to the laughing. At me. Certainly not with me. Sitting in the gaff on my own. Thorny Wire still in Cork, Token Northy and Pony Boy in Kerry, and me sitting in on a Saturday night with a pen in between my toes and an A4 on the ground trying to write my name. You may point and laugh..... now!

It's odd how little control we have over our own bodies when you think about it. Opposable thumbs were a smart evolutionary idea, but we pretty much decided to stop being dexterous with everything else shortly after we levelled-up from monkey. We stuck our feet in shoes - thank God, and promptly ignored them from then on. We can wiggle the big toes, but the others are just little lumps sticking out of the tops of your extremities. And they're manky looking.

So, to recap; they're not attractive (though some people have crazy ass foot fetishes), and they're kind of useless, save for standing up on. Let's see if we can't put them to good use...

So I wrote my name with my feet. See for yourself...

Eh? Eh? Impressed? No? Me either... I doubt highly that the bank would accept it on a credit card receipt. It really is funny how little control I've got over my own feet. Still, it was fun, and it's another Thing I've never done.

Now to look ahead for tomorrow....

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  1. Cut your toe nails! They made me feel sick there for a minute. Maybe thats why you don't like your feet.