Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thing 11 Down a Pint of Guinness

I'm fond of my Guinness. Proper fond of it. It's my beverage of choice on a night on the town. It goes well with soccer, rugby, snooker, darts, friends, people you can barely tolerate and complete strangers. It's nice on St Patrick's Day, New Year's Day, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and every other day. I didn't always like it mind, there was a time when cider was the thing, the big thing, but I learned to love the Guinness, and ever since that day, it's been a marriage made in heaven.

Like all good Guinness drinkers, I've also developed a snobbishness for the drink. I don't want the first pint of a keg. I don't want a pin with a bad head. I want my pint to last. I want to see a ring of Guinness head to run from the top of the pint all the way to the very bottom of my glass.

It's a drink to be savoured. To be enjoyed and not rushed.... It's not to be swamped down in one. That's why I've never done it. I've never swamped a pint of Guinness.

Until tonight... Here's a photo of me ruining a pint...

So, it's been done. But why waste the opportunity to waste a good pint of Guinness, when you can knock a bit of craic out of it, and make a game of it to boot...

The Canuck started the game. Pint disappeared from full to nothing in 7.9 seconds. We know this because Token Northy timed it. On a stop watch.

Then I drank mine, but more on that later. Token Northy polished his off in 9.6 seconds. Big Bar and Not Northy dank in 10.4 and a stunning 7.3 seconds respectively. I finished mine in 10.5 seconds... Dead last.

It's not right. I drink Guinness for fun. Surely I shouldn't be dead last. But last I was...

It's a bitter pill to swallow. The Canuck loved it though... His parting words:
"Don't worry Dan, just because you completely failed doesn't mean you're a complete failure... yet". Nice right?


  1. Here is a purely stylistic suggestion. Instead of just having 'Thing 11' as the title, put the actual challenge as well. That way if someone wants to look back over the blog for a particular activity its easier to find.