Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thing 12 Make and Drink CoffTea

First of all, I know this is a cop out - it's a short, easy Thing, but these ones are kind of necessary, since I've a job with all the shift work that goes with it. Didn't get home till after half nine tonight, so I needed an nice easy one to get me done.

Secondly, that picture up there? It's hardly the match made in heaven is it?

I'd like to officially blame The Simpsons. They've been mashing some lovely things together for ages: Skittle-brau; the beer with Skittles floating in it. Nuts and Gum; together at last. And who'll ever forget The Pacemaker: One pound of rich creamery butter, wrapped in bacon and covered in chocolate... So, we started thinking of other combinations of things that might make a good match... Cheese and Peas... they rhyme and a like them both (not marrowfat peas though, they're manky). Orange juice and drinking chocolate? Terry's chocolate orange is good right? Coffee and tea then? Oh dear...

See what we did there? One's got a cough and the other's got a "T". It's genius.... We're hilarious.

Token Northy loves tea. I know all Irish people like tea, but Token Northy is properly obsessed, and has passed it on. Since he moved into the gaff, Pony Boy, Thorny Wire and I have been drinking tea to beat the band.

My passion is coffee. I'm obsessed with it. I spend money on coffee every day of the week. I drink it on my night shifts in piles. I have a coffee flask which I take in the car for emergency coffees. I practically live in the Old Quarter downing coffees for fun. I think they're probably sick of me at this rate...

So mix it with tea, and how do we feel?

Meh. It's okay. It's not bad. It's not great. All in all a bit of a let down. If it was awful, at least I'd be thinking of it as a lesson learned. If it was amazing, I'd tell the world how fantastic it is that I, little old me, could invent a drink.

Instead I got nothing. Can't wait for the day that I try putting brown sauce in my tea... it wont be my invention but at least I'll finally know...

P.S. Thanks Dr Zombie for the suggestion on the titles... it shall be so.

Here's a picture of me and Pony Boy for no reason...

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  1. Lyons tea? I thought you were a Barrys man!