Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thing 7 Brush Teeth, Drink Orange Juice

Number of attempted Things today: 3
Number of completed Things today: 1

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Token Northy and Pony Boy for their unwavering support... Assholes.

Since I work shift-work full-time, and that includes night-shifts, I'm obliged to fit in The Project Things around my work hours. It's not easy. Time must be juggled, and as Wise One, Dr Frasier and Thorny Wire will tell you, I'm not the best at the old time management. Basically, I got out of bed way too late after today's night shift to have a picnic on a roundabout. Nobody to blame but myself. So we'll tackle that bad-boy tomorrow.

Then I decided that I'd Count to 2,000 as my Thing for today. I was passing number 23, when Token Northy started shouting random numbers for fun. Pony Boy jumped in on the action. As I passed number 78, Token Northy started counting three seconds behind me, and Pony Boy started counting backwards from the next highest decade up... I persevered valiantly. Refusing to be drawn in by their shenanigans. As I passed number 600, the house phone rang...

Pony Boy answered it, and I hear one side of a conversation:

"Ya, he's here, but he's counting t 2,000 and he cannot be disturbed... What? It's important? How important? He's counting like... Oh... It's an emergency? Ya sure, hang on... DAN!! Telephone, it's an emergency..."

I should have seen the mobile phone in his hand. He'd rung the housephone, answered, hung up on himself and proceeded to enter into a conversation entirely with himself. Duped. I stopped counting. And went to the phone. "Beep, beep beep, beep...."

So.... Options and time limited (I've nights again tonight). I opted for the Teeth Brushing and OJ Thing. It's used as a threat of torture in an Austin Powers' Movie. Earthworm Jim's evil identical twin brother loves it, because Jim hated it. And anyone who's made the mistake of brushing their teeth before their morning OJ will testify... it's revolting.

There's something about the collision of tastes. Orange and mint have no place together in this world. Orange and chocolate - match made in heaven. Mint and chocolate - divine. Orange and min - yeugh.

I dare you, if you've never done it before, try it out now...

Or tomorrow morning. Let me know how you get on.

So I did it, I brushed the crap out of my teeth and swamped back the bottle. I'm kind of glad I did it. It's out of the way. I'll tell you honestly that one was really hanging over my head. I've been not looking forward to it for some time... I imagine the Back Sack and Crack Wax will put it to shame... We'll see.

Here's hoping I wake up on time for tomorrow's picnic.

P.S. Here's a photo of Token Northy thinking he's cool. Just for fun.

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  1. wow, Gerry, Earth called, it wants its circumference back