Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thing 14 Cake in the Face

It's funny; even when you know something's coming, sometimes it still surprises you. I could see Token Northy coming for me, cake in hand. I knew today's Thing was cake in the face. How could I possibly have been surprised when he smashed the cake right into my face in the middle of the Old Quarter. It was hilarious. With cake in my face, there wasn't alot I could see, but I could hear the other customers laughing their asses off. In fact, in the picture you can see the Blonde Boss laughing in the background. Having a good old giggle there eh?

In the spirit of talking about things that don't mix well (which seems to be a recurring theme), beard and cake are not a match made in heaven. Even as I blog right now I can still smell it. Which is weird and entirely unpleasant.

It started with a chat. As all of these Things did. The Cake in the Face thing followed right after baking a cake in conversation, mostly because apparently we think in lines... But the actual act of having a cake smashed into my face, which by the way, is a classic gag no matter when and where it happens, was a different story.

I'm in favour of keeping some things in the home. Public humiliation being one of them. Just take a look at that photo up there. Does that look like the kind of mess you want other people to see? And Token Northy's ridiculous grin of triumph is not what you want people seeing as you pick lumps of carrot cake out of your facial hair. Token Northy was having none of it though. Blonde Fairy and Dr Frasier were there too and they did little or nothing to talk him out of it. As he so quaintly put it - there's a time and a place for everything, and sometimes they're not the time or the place for them.... or something along those lines. I forget what it was. I had cake in my face.

It's everywhere on me.... Damn Northy...


  1. oh how the soliloquays make me titter so!

  2. I really wanted to be there for that one