Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thing 2 Coke and Mentos Thing

This is a picture of disappointment. This is what disappointment looks like. Sort of bubbly and foamy, and almost certainly flat. The Frenchman referred to this as a "science fail". I'm forced to agree. And epic science fail. Wile E. Coyote was more successful than this... honestly.

It's one of those kind of urban myths you always hear about. The euro version of pop-rocks and coke in the US. We've got diet Coke and Mentos sweets.

The hype says: If you drop Mentos into Diet Coke a massive explosion will occur. It'll be epic. You'll be covered in fizzy cola, the plastic bottle will be ripped apart, as much by dint of pure awesomeness as by the chemical reaction. Your friends will be impressed. Women will fall in love with you. Movie stars will tell in interviews of how they're your friend. Epic science victory.

The reality says: Some Coke will fizz up and pour out of the top of the bottle. Some of the garden stones in your back yard will get wet, and later sticky (and not in the good way). You'll have made a mess and ruined some perfectly good Diet Coke (and in our case, some reasonably priced Tesco Cola). Anti-climactic science fail.

Dr Frasier, Token Northy and The Frenchman were equally underwhelmed. I've seen episodes of Fair City that didn't let me down this much. Here's a picture of Dr Frasier and me, being unimpressed:

So we're off to a bad start eh? I smoked a cigarette through my nostrils while half up to my neck in beer and wearing a tennis outfit, and I've made some Diet Coke fizz.... hardly earthshaking stuff. Tomorrow's another day...

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  1. Funny! Would have been funnier to see you covered in Coke!!!