Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thing 10 Attend a Drag Show

That's my new bit on the side there in the photo.... Hottie eh?

I know I'm late getting this one up, and for that, I humbly apologise. Not too humbly though. It's not really how I go. So anywho, into double figures and this is yesterday's Thing. I'll blog on today's Thing later on, and then we'll be up to speed... Forgive me? Please...?

So Dr Frasier knows Dublin. He knows where to go to see the sights. The thing is, there are sights, and then there are sights. You know what I mean? Dr Frasier has a familiarity with both. So the plan was to Attend a Drag Show, and the venue of choice was a quaint little establishment called Panti Bar. But in typical fashion, I was late leaving the gaff - drink may have been involved. Lots of drink may have been involved. So when we hit the town, Panti Bar was closed...

No biggie, I'll do something else from The Project and we'll just continue having our fun for now. So we popped into the long established George Bar.

Lo and behold...

Drag Show in progress. Jammy eh? There was no plan to it, and I had totally written it off, but we walked bang into a Drag Show.

So there I was, propping up the bar, minding my own business when the looker in the photo up there popped over to say hello. I really, genuinely thought it was a woman. Cue awkward conversation; I wanted to tell him/her that he/she had put on a good show. I also wanted to make it clear that I wasn't looking for a score, because in my head gay bars are full of promiscuity (and straight bars are so prudish right?). But these things are different to get across without looking like an ass, and all the time trying hard to use the correct gender term. What is the correct gender term?Still she was sound out, and we actually had a good laugh.

Apparently there's a fine art and nuances to drag shows that are missed by plebs like me. I guess it's a straight thing - hard enough to pick up on all the small things (pardon the pun), if you're trying to make it look like you're not uncomfortable as hell... It's a much maligned art. For more info, see Priscilla Queen of the Desert, a thoroughly awesome movie with Hugo Weaving (yep, the Lord of the Elves of Middle Earth, and the bad-ass Agent Smith from the Matrix dressed in drag).

Still, it was a quality night. Good wholesome cross-dressing fun, a pile of drink and I even got a little kiss from my new friend before I hit the road for home.

For fun, here's a photo of me and Dr Frasier after alot of drink....

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