Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thing 170 100 On Black

Big thanks due to Evil Dave. He wanted me to do a James Bond on it, very early days, he wanted me to slap one hundred euro on black in a game of roulette. It should be done in a James Bond style, which means... Suit Up Time. I do love to suit up.

Up in Galway, I'd something else in mind for my Thing for the day, I won't say what, it just spoils the surprise. But time was running out, and I happened to be in a suit, and I happened to pass a casino. It's says a lot about me that just passing a casino is a reason to gamble... problem much? I jest. I've got it under control... don't you judge me!!

So, me and Killy head to the casino. Killy says not to do it. I realise I've to pop back to an ATM. Killy says not to do it. We head into the casino and change out the money for the roulette. Killy says not to do it. Maximum bet on the table is twenty-five euro. Killy says: Not to do it.
If the max bet is goign to be twenty five, and I want to do this thing (and I really did at this point, suited and ready to throw away my money), then it's going to have to be four bets on black in a row. If I could do maths, which I can't because I've a peanut and a monkey banging a cymbal instead of a brain, then I'd tell you what the unlikely odds would be. Any mathematicians out there tell me my chances of four blacks in a row on a roulette table?

First roll: Black. Up twenty five euro. Killy says don't do it. Walk away. I say no.

Second roll: Black. Up fifty euro. Drunk on the thrill (and on beer). Killy says not to do it. Take the money. Run. I say no.

Third roll: Black. Up seventy five euro. Now Killy's just calling me names. And people are starting to stare. Nasty names.

Fourth roll: Black. I shit you not. I really would like someone to tell me the chances of getting all four of those. Smug isn't even the word.
I was in a casino once with God Boy, Band Man, Dr O and Blond Boss. I had tactics for gambling. I knew where I wanted my money, and how much. I knew what was what. I lost all the gambling money. Blond Boss fired money left, right and centre at whatever table took her fancy. She bought a bottle of champagne with her winnings and had money left over. Pot luck. I love it.

It won me money.


  1. Congratulations! Your odds were one in sixteen.

  2. not quite odds of one in sixteen. Hate to be a nerd but its not 1 in 2 chance each time its 18 out of 37 as 0 is also an option. So therefore 104976 over 1874161 so about 5.6% chance (as opposed to 6.25)

    I actually feel pathetic for working that out and probably deserve any abuse i'm about to get

  3. Yay.... well done you sir....Fingers crossed u'll be as lucky @ the dogs on Saturday!!!

  4. Hate to be a bigger nerd but...

    0 and 00 are both green, so its an 18 in 38 chance youll hit black. Hitting it four times in a row is:
    Divided by

    Gives a 1in 19.862 chance

    Or 5.0345% if you prefer :-)

    In laymans terms, youre a jammy git!

    (Ive never even been in a casino so this could well be open to further correction, i just wanted to do some maths!)

  5. oh great so you got your money back for that world cup bet on England.

  6. Hmmkay, so I know nothing abotu gambling in general, and roulette in particular, so how much did you win for puttign a hundred on? Was it just another hundred? If so, that's a shitty return.