Monday, October 11, 2010

Thing 179 Bet Against Munster (and 3D TV)

No, I'm not proud of myself. Yes. I feel dirty all over. The fact that the bet was a winner actually makes me feel worse, and not better. I showered long after this one. Remember Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura when he realises that his nemesis is a post-op transgender man? Think that, except that I cried a little more...

I've made it a lifetime rule, never bet against Munster or Ireland. It's a betrayal and it goes against everything I stand for. Also, it makes no financial sense. Munster never know when they're beaten. Ever. Backs against the wall, out of form, injuries and all, this team always seems to find another gear, they always dig deep. They have a well of bitterness and pride they can seemingly return to at a moment's notice. We've had several "miracle matches" now. So placing bets against this team isn't wise.

Some thoughts on the match: The better team won. You can't win a game of rugby without winning your lineouts, consistently. Stringer's still got it. A bonus point defeat is acceptable. The referee made some dreaful home town decisions. I dislike Christophe Berdos. I like Bob Casey - I wish he'd get more game time in an Ireland jersey.
Oddly enough, I got a second new experience out of the rugby. For the first time ever, Heineken Cup rugby in 3D. Which means goofy glasses and resisting the urge to push flags out of the way that aren't actually in your way. I think they filmed it like that deliberately.

3D TV is a fine idea. If you want to watch movies with good action sequences, or cartoons, or documentaries. I'm not sure about sport though. Don't ask me why. I just kind of got the feeling that the sporting occassion isn't improved enough to make up for the irritation of having to continually mess with the glasses, which feel weird for someone who doesn't wear them on a regular basis.

The whole event was cause for pomp and ceremony. Clohessey's was a good venue for it too. Well, I guess most places are good when someone's handing out free Heineken!

Man.... free beer. I'll never get bored of saying it.


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