Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thing 187 A Box Set of Girl's TV

There she is... my enemy. She doesn't even know it. There's a slice of air-brushed, wishes she looked like Shakira or a young Madonna, ruined everything for television picture of her. SJP. The woman who made Sex and the City popular.

I don't actually object to the show, which is in parts, quite funny. I object to the idea that it somehow represents female empowerment. Family Guy isn't funny because it parodies American small town life. It's funny because it's funny. With Sex and the City, we're constantly told that it's revolutionary because it gives women sexual liberation that only men had access to before this miraculous show came along and told women that they could decide this for themselves... It boggles the mind.

Again though, I must admit, I did laugh a bit. The writign is quite clever. The men (primarily) who write and direct the show are thoroughly funny chaps. Candace Bushnell whose columns are the basis for the show is also a genius. Her writing's an awful lot darker than SATC though. Which I like.

So anyway... I failed. I bought the first series of Sex and the City with the intention of sitting down and watching it all, but I only got through six episodes or so before I called it a night. The new experience in all of this, was the effort, and the fact that I got to see the Sex and the City pilot. The moment it all started... the moment it all went so terribly wrong.

I always felt kind of sorry for Clo Bear and Blond Boss. When I lived with them I was outnumbered two to one, so they always got to watch SATC, but they did have to live with my whinging and moaning about it. Man I can really give out about stuff when I want to. Those poor girls.

I objected to all manner of television. Corrie. SATC. Grey's Anatomy. X Factor. America's Next Top Model. You name it, I can give out about it.

I can also give out about stuff aside from TV: Weather. Shannon Rugby Club. Pop music. People who tag their YouTube videos with a cool name and pop references so people will watch it, even when it has nothing to do with that nonsense. People who can't use roundabouts. The word "synergy". Bad radio ads. People that are obviously douchebags and make no effort to hide their shame.... the list is pretty endless actually...

So now I'm the proud owner of Series One of Sex and the City. One day I might actually get around to watching the rest of it...


  1. The missus asked for a night in i see...