Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thing 184 A Round for the House

So many, many expensive Things on this list... so much money spent. It's quite ridiculous. This one wasn't even on The List until very recently. I don't like being a flashy asshole, I do like being generous with my money when I get the chance. These two things collide. Particularly when it comes to this Thing.

It's a showy gesture. A fancy, over the top, display of attention seeking. Most of the lads would say that's right up my street, but I disagree. I disagree because I enjoy disagreeing. It's kind of my thing. When (and I say when, not if) I become a millionaire this kind of thing will be acceptable. Until that happens, I'm just a douche trying to look like he wants to be seen as a millionaire.

The choice of venue was important here too. Thursday is pay day which is great, but car repairs and an upcoming Heineken Cup weekend put some pressure on finances that are tad burdensome. So I didn't want a pub too packed out. A couple of hundred euro on a round seems excessive. At the same time, you don't want it to be a meaningless gesture, buying a round for the house when there's only three people in the bar isn't really a "round for the house" is it. So where to go...

For company on this particular Thursday evening I had Top Cat, Thorny Wire and Clan. That makes two Young Munsters fans and two Shannon fans. It was obvious where I should go, and I'm a little embarrassed it took me so long to think of it.


Austin's is my most favourite of Limerick bars. It's a rugby bar, more specifically, it's a Young Munster's rugby bar. It's been the scene for many a sing song. Banter galore. It's the base of operations for me and Thorny Wire. He's particularly at home there. There's some serious slagging and messing up there, and more than a few characters. I can't state this enough. It's my favourite bar. Anywhere. It's only fitting that I should get round up there. And bring the two Shannon clowns into enemy territory for the laugh.

About fifteen or so people in the bar when we walked in. We four make it close to twenty. "How're ya Tommy? Four pints of Guinness and whatever everyone else is having..." I felt like a douche just saying it, but Tommy's understanding, and most of them know all about The Project so I get away with it.

There are two consequences:

Good: I get into conversation with someone about the Heineken Cup match against Toulon on Saturday. I mention in passing that I'm still looking for a ticket. Ten minutes later. Tickets on the way. Sorted. Delighted.

Bad: I walk in the next day to collect the ticket and the lads are shouting for their pints and taking the mick. Bart and Cookie are having special fun with it. And I feel like a douche all over again...

When I'm a millionaire, be near me in the bar and you're sorted. Until then, I think I'll give this kind of flashy nonsense a miss.

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