Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thing 172 Us 2

Back in 2005, The Ray Darcy show asked people to send in photos of themselves, on a given day. Well, photos of anything really. Basically, get a snap shot of the day. A picture tells a thousand words and all that jazz. What a pure genius idea. Everyone bombarded the show with pictures they'd taken. Of anything and everything. What they ended up with was a book called "Us". Get it? Photos of us doing our thing. I like it.
Saturday, the Ray Darcy Show decided, on the fifth anniversary of Us, to go for Us 2. Sequels are normally shit (obvious exceptions include Back to the Future, Terminator to name but two), but I get the feeling the sequel to Us is going to be cracking. I can't wait for it. So I decided to take my fancy camera phone (I resisted the urge to say I-phone. I don't want people thinking I'm one of those people who can't wait to tell you that they own an I-phone. I mean just because I do own an I-phone doesn't mean I have to tell the world. People who do that are douche bags), and I went snapping.
I just took a bunch of photos of things I saw. People. Streets. The Thief. Pints. Whatever. It's a funny old thing. Limerick's got a bad reputation. Which is crap. Because it's an awesome place. On the day Us 2 was taking place there were gigs all over town. I missed most of them, but I did get to see "We Should be Dead" rocking out on Cruise's Street. They're just a cool band. Got a photo. There's plenty of times when Limerick's the perfect place to photograph just how cool a city it is. Milk Market, Munster matches, other events and places beginning with M, and many other letters to boot. I kind of wish I'd spent more time just photographing Limerick. I also kind of hope that someone else did it for me...
I can see why the Frenchman enjoys being a photographer. There's something engaging about snapping people and places just for the fun of it. It's too bad my photos are craptacular.
Still, as an exercise in just getting out and about with a camera, this was a good 'un. Who knows? Maybe one of my photos will make it to the book.

Eh... probably not. Man I'm terrible at being a photographer.

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