Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thing 195 Read A Book Backwards

Pretty much like this blog. And it made no sense whatsoever. It was that racing almanac.

So I did.I digged through the List, and there was a great suggestion, I can’t for the life of me think who suggested it, to read a book backwards. So it had to be something else.It was closed though. It’s more than just a chippy you know. Anyway, I wanted to make today’s Thing all about eating the entire menu from Donkey Ford’s, the Limerick City chip institution.

It’s nerdy, I know, but I think I’ve picked out a few good ‘uns. Just as little extras that I think would suit people. In a nerdy kind of way I also got into the habit of giving gifts of books at Christmas.

World War Z (the most important zombie novel ever, in my humble opinion), and a racing almanac which Lester Piggot did the forward for. May You Live In Interesting Times (Conor O’Clery’s memoirs). Freakenomics.These days is a pretty mixed bag. My recent favourites include:

I couldn’t get enough. Books on cooking. Books on movies. Books on science like The Way Things Work. I read books on the lives of dead people: Gen George S Patton, Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King. I branched out too. I didn’t limit myself though.

Then it got darker, slightly, with David Gemmell, which was a prelude to Robert Jordan… man, I will never get enough of fantasy novels. All in a relatively sensible novel for a young man. Dragons, knights, magic and heroes who started small but overcame odds and scored the novel’s hot chick. From Mr Dahl I moved into extra nerd with David Eddings. I’ve never been much of a sleeper, so I’d just stay up until I’d finished a book, and then start a new one all over again. I moved on, graduated to Roald Dahl which I read at a ferocious rate. That was just the start though.

It started with a novel about a smart nerdy kid who invents his own pimple juice for getting rid of other kids’ acne and sells it to bullies, thereby teaching young readers a lesson that it’s okay to swindle people, as long as they’re complete douchebags. My Nana was fed up of seeing me with my face buried in some novel. I must have been the only kid whose grandparents were giving out that I wasn’t watching enough TV. I eat them for breakfast, has been that way since I was about ten years old. I devour books.

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