Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thing 177 The Made Up Fruits

That there ladies and gents is the inside of a pomegranate. That's what it looks like. This project is thoroughly educational from time to time. It also throws up frequent unique insights into the minds of my mates. The Canuck fought a car. But when faced with pomegranate, he decided that we should wiki it to make sure we didn't die from eating the seeds. As he said himself: Not eating poisonous food is a good way to avoid dying by poison.

I decided on pomegranate, but when I got into the shop I got a tad carried away. Right next to the first most made-up sounding fruit I ever saw were the close runners up. Passion Fruits and Mangos.

Come on: Passion Fruits? It sounds like a lame new flavoured viagra, or a scented condom. As for mangos, they're in all the fun Innocent smoothie drinks, but I'd never seen one. Have you? They look odd. And because I'm more like the Canadian than I want to be, I thought all of them looked poisonous.

Sneaky fruit.
Juicy though.

And the passion fruits, despite the inadvertently sexy undertone, was delicious. But weird looking inside. All pips and tasty goo. To be honest, I felt vaguely uncomfortable eating the passion fruit, and I don't know why.

Also, there are websites that have instructions on how to eat them. Yep. Fruit with an instruction manual. Because it can't all be as straightforward as picking it up and munching. You can't eat the outside of any of those fruits. Only the insides. Mango you quarter and rip off the skin. Start eating. Pomegranate and passion fruit are full of pips and seeds, surrounded by the least appetising looking/sounding "membrane" in the world. But as I say. Very tasty.
I've also never made a smoothie in my life, so I may add that to the list, in which case, these bad boys will be top of the priority list. Taste puts them up there, but they're not the kind of fruit you'd have in the basket at home to give to visitors.

Who wants some disgusting looking mush? No? It's delicious? Okay. I wouldn't want to either.

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