Monday, October 25, 2010

Thing 191 Sell Something on Ebay

Don't judge me, people pull stunts like this all the time. It's not like I expect to make some serious money out of this. It's a joke. Ahem. It's part of the Project. Why are you looking at me like that? Why are you judging me? I'm not taking it down...

Some kid tried to sell his mom on ebay once, and another dude tried to sell his soul once. Honestly, the stuff they put on here is incredible. And the stuff that some people will buy is just unreal. Is there really a market for a commemorative Pakistan versus England Cricket International glass clock? What about a Foster and Allen Tour Programme?

Can a jar of fresh air be any worse than these things?

To be fair ebay is pretty cool. I bought a Super Nintendo on there a few months ago. If you want to pick up some stuff that's no longer available in shops, ebay's the job. As an internet tool it's awesome. As a shop, if it was an actual shop you could walk into, it would just be a really weird place to be and go.

Here's the link:

I'm thinking that somewhere in the world is someone who might actually be interested in buying this, not really, as a joke like. If no one bids on it, I'm going bidding on it myself, like some kind of facebook loser.

Another thing I'm keen on- seeing what kind of comments are logged in. The internet is full of people who like to comment on stuff. Some of it's absolute dross. Context is hard to get from a website. I'm pretty sure the fact this is a joke will be lost on people. I'd like to see what some of them are going to say. It won't be flattering. On the internet no one knows that you're a dog, or a douchebag.

I'm both.


  1. "Feedback: 0% positive" :)

  2. How did you come to a decision on the price!? I'd nearly bid just to make you ship the items! I hope its the start of a beautiful business for you! Maybe patent the item!? :-)