Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thing 218 Book Launch

That there, ladies and gents, boys and girls, and those of you who fall somewhere in the grey area between, is a rather shaky photograph of Alan Quinlan. For those of you not in the know; Alan Quinlan is, in my humble (but typically correct) opinion, one of the finest rugby players the world has ever seen. Definitely in the top five most determined and committed and top of the pile by some distance in the most cunning. He's also large. Like huge. I realise I'm not exactly a mountain of a man, but seriously, the man makes me look like a ten year old next to him. Lovely chap though. Wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of him mind...

A typical book is launched like this:
A copy, or extended extracts are sent to various journalists prior to the official "launch". These extracts are chosen for their newsworthiness. Journalists run stories on them, or publish the extracts in their papers. This generates interest in the book, and provokes reaction. The official launch then takes place and journos turn up to ask questions which arise in the wake of them seeing the extracts.

Alan Quinlan's book is launched like this:
He gives a newspaper a few extracts. They contain excellent pieces on his time with some rugby greats. Good stories. Not sensational news. No one else sees the book. He turns up (an hour late, but who cares? He's Alan Quinlan) on the night of the launch bringing every famous rugby player he knows, and that's some serious players and no one else has seen a copy. He has a little chat with the assembled family, friends, fans, media. Then he sits down and signs a copy for every single person who wants one. Simple. Straightforward. Uncomplicated. Legendary.
Look, it's midget version of me with Alan Quinlan. Alright, before you start I realise that the only version of me is a bit on the tiny side. Quit making fun of my height...

The book launch is a bit of a frenzy. It's like the whole of Limerick has turned out to see the Tipp man who's given so much to Munster rugby. The man's bled for this team, for years he's put his body on the line. He's been through the mill in terms of his discipline, but he's worth every mistake fifty times over for what he's given on the pitch.

My very first book launch could have been a nerdy one. I could have gone to see a fantasy novel, or a book of poetry or even, shudder, an academic publication.

I'm glad it was to see Quinny's book. Hero.

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  1. Hey Dan,
    I really like the idea! Have you planned something for every single day? Is there any chance you could send me an email, I have a suggestion for a new "thing" that could be kinda cool