Friday, November 5, 2010

Thing 204 Cook Fish in the Dishwasher

Urban myth or actual thing? The internet is full of interesting things, some of which, and brace yourself for this, are not actually true. Some of the things on the internet are, in fact, fraudulent. I'll let you absorb that for a few minutes...

So far though, the internet's been good to The Project. Remember when I opened a bottle of wine with a shoe? That was one of the interweb's finest suggestions. Executed in style and consumed in minutes... I'm a bit of a fan of the wine. The difference with this thing was that there was no video, I didn't even see this on the net. Pony Boy told me about it. I was skeptical... So let's make a Project Thing out of it. Great idea.
That's my dishwasher there. Those are the recently unloaded dishes, still not cleared away on the counter. We're a tad lazy with the cleaning this week. Work getting in the way and all that.

The promise is simple: Take a fillet of fish (i'm not a big fan of fish by the way, I eat it only occasionally, so I don't know what's good or bad in the fish stakes (bad pun, I'm sorry). I opted for salmon, only because it was the only one I could recognise in the shop.
Wrap it tightly in tin foil. And I mean tightly. The last thing you want is dishwasher water getting in there. Set your disher to a seventy five degree wash. Dirty dishes are optional. I decided against them - which is bad for the environment, I know, and I'm sorry... but I had to know...
Delicious. Honestly. Fish is tasty in general, but well steamed dishwasher fish seems to be extra nice. I'm a fan. Next time I'm going to lob in a bunch of potatoes, tightly wrapped and some brocolli, and I'll put on a wash too.

Who says men can't multitask...?
By the way, sorry about the skin in this photo, it's a fairly provocative shot... I just wanted you to see my dishwasher clean salmon, which I promptly ate. Thanks internet. You've always got the best ideas...



  2. "work getting in the way of cleaning" this week?
    You mean im not there to nag you not to be a dirty bugger this week!
    And speaking of fish, you better have fed ours!!