Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thing 213 Music Video (Rubberbandits)

Thing 213 is awesome for the following reasons: It's being in a music video. It's a Rubberbandits music video.

That's Mr Chrome and me. Blindboyboatclub was busy at the time of the photo being taken, but he was there too. Take a look see at the photo down below, that's a completely illegal shot on set. Here's hoping they don't mind. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one taking photos...

There they are now, legends...
Here's my claim to fame: Once upon a day, when I worked for a radio station, while working there the Rubberbandits did a test prank call. It was never aired. It was them ringing me and pretending to be the boyfriend of a woman who may have been a little crazy. I saw a "private number" and should have known better, but I answered it. The gist of the call was one of them (I think it was Mr Chrome) hassling me over having an affair with his girlfriend. I'd no idea who it was, and ended up screaming like a lunatic down the phone while they continue to bait me.

Now the Rubberbandits are famous. Proper famous. They sell out gigs at the Electric Picnic and all over the country. They're a YouTube and myspace sensation. They've got a slot on late night RTE on Wednesdays on the Republic of Telly. They're coining their own phrases... "That's Limerick Citay..."

That's one of the many videos you'll find of theirs on YouTube.

Filming a music video takes some serious amount of time, and it can be dull occasionally, even if you are in the presence of two comedians wearing plastic bags for masks. The filming began at about eleven in the morning, and I had to bail, sadly at about three, with only half the filming done. Half in about four hours. It's long and painstaking work. Thank God it was a good crowd, and as I already said, two comedians.

There were multiple shots required, and multiple angles. There was a backing track, but apparently Blindboyboatclub doesn't like lip synching, since he sang every word of the lyrics as the cameras rolled.

It's a staple of what the 'Bandits do. They take a good backing track, and they put down some hilarious lyrics. I know that there's probably a sociological commentary, and political satire pops in there somewhere, but I'm not a sociologist, I just find it all hilarious.

I don't want to give away the song, because it'll be released soon (I'm proposing we download the hell out of it and make it Christmas Number One). Seriously, it can beat the hell out of the X Factor or whatever Christmas nonsense gets spewed out. Who wouldn't want to see Rubberbandits top the Christmas Charts?

Anyway, it was an interesting day, and an interesting Thing. A fake wedding out in UL with two hosts who wear plastic bags on their faces? That's Limerick Citay....


  1. Dat's limerick citay....

  2. Awww I have very fond memories of that wind up call instigated by Mark W. Oh how we laughed. And laughed. And laughed. Think I have that on cd somewhere at home - must look for it over the Christmas hols...

  3. *Cough-That's Blind Boy *ahem *Cough