Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thing 207 Random Acts of Kindness

Alright, I'll grant you that this is an exceptionally mushy and ridiculous picture. But it was the first thing that popped up when I typed "kindness" into google. And I'm too lazy to keep looking for a better one. So very lazy...

Honestly. Very, very lazy.

Down the line there's going to be a day when I say "yes" all day. But today was all about being nice for no reason, other than being nice. Which really should be a good enough reason on its own, but I prefer being cranky for the sake of being cranky. It suits my personality better.

It started with cakes/cookies. I went to the Milk Market, as I do of a Saturday these days. I bought cakes for my da. Decided I'd bring them out and watch some of the England v New Zealand match. While I was there I grabbed an extra handful. Walking down the street I stopped off to offer all of them to a group of people standing around having a chat. Free cake. Who doesn't love free cake? Apparently they just thought I was a weirdo. Mumbled some thanks, and stared at me goggle eyed. Still I thought it was nice.

On the way to Ma and Da's I spotted someone walking through Corbally in the lashing rain. I pulled in, rolled down the window and asked if they'd like a lift anywhere. Eh, no thanks was the reply. And then she looked at me like I had two heads and was in fact, a complete weirdo. So being nice makes me look odd...

Went to town to watch the match.

Parked up and spotted a guy locked out of his car. I went over and offered my phone to call some who cared. No, I jest. I gave him the phone to call someone who might have spare keys. He did not look at me like I was a complete weirdo. Nice.

I went to Clohessey's to see the end of the United match, and waited till someone went up to the counter to order drinks, then I paid for them for that person. Not only did he not look at me like a weirdo, but he came over and shook my hand. Delighted. To be fair, it was free drinks, I'd shake someone's hand if they bought me a pint for no reason.

Then I went to the shop to get some dinner, so I could cook for the lads at home. That wasn't a good deed for the day, I was probably going to do that one way or another, but I planned on dressing it up as a good deed. While en route I picked up a rose for The Thief and one for the lady at the checkout... and bang. We're back to people looking at me like a weirdo. She looked ever so slightly impressed, but mostly, she thought I was out of my tiny little mind. And the other people in the queue joined in the silent judging. The Frenchman giggled the whole way out of the shop.

What's the moral of the story? If you're going to be nice for no reason, people are going to think you're a complete nutjob.

Oddly enough, they wouldn't be half wrong when it comes to me now would they?

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