Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thing 206 Ice Bath

After a run, I'm partial to a nice cool shower. Not too cool. Just enough to stop me sweating like a stuck pig, which I usually am straight after a run... It happens to most slightly overweight people who don't do any exercise for six months and still talk about the marathon they once ran... ahem.

Thought I was going to lose both lungs and sweat off about two stone... Six months of sitting on my ass, it was bound to come to this. It's no wonder Thorny Wire calls me Fatosaurus. Anywho...

They talk about the benefits of hot and cold therapy. An ice bath straight after training. Then a hot shower. Or a sauna and then a freezing cold shower. There are science bits to explain it, but they're lost on me. I'm slightly stupid at the best of times.
That there children, is the face of someone who who doesn't like his current seat. This isn't the cold of waking up without your quilt on, or walking outside without enough layers in November. This is a deep and painful cold. It numbs at first, then it stings. Then your feet feel nothing, then your housemates start bursting themselves laughing and take some photos of you.

They're sympathy, as always, overwhelmed me. I'm only glad Token Northy wasn't there, it's bad enough with Pony Boy and The Frenchman, but when you've got all three, that's when you're in trouble.
It's not just bad while you're in there. It almost gets worse when you're out. I decided to shower, a nice hot shower to get the blood going again. The hot water was frighteningly sore. It stings like no ones' business.

This is what happens when you're entirely unaware of the biomechanics of hot and cold therapy, you remain completely oblivious and end up screaming in your shower. Manly. And tough. That's me.

Just one more ridiculously stupid thing done in the name of this Project. I wonder if my IQ drops every time I do crap like this?


  1. Is it just me or are you getting naked more and more on this thing?

  2. Looks like the Frenchman was in the bath with u for that last shot. The Thief..