Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thing 208 Double Date

Alright there's a reason for this ridiculous photo. It's because the guy that went on the double date didn't know I was planning to blog about it, and then I didn't want to be asking for his photo, because that would be all kinds of creepy and wrong. Can you just imagine that conversation: Hello complete stranger I've just met. Smile and say cheese. I want to put your photo on the internet...

Now that I think about it... he might actually be reading this... hello.

This was a classic television/movie style double date. The Thief, her best friend Jacko, and a thoroughly nice chap who Jacko decided to invite on the date. Which means that while the two ladies who know each other a long time can chat about this and that, me and Newbie can sit opposite each other and try not to be awkward.

Double dating is fine for seasoned couples. Usually the couples know each other. They're mates. The fellas have hung around with one another. The girls know each other inside out. Double date is easy. When you ad a new guy to the mix you end up with a really awkward moment.

Tell me if you think I'm wrong here, but guys don't just chat with guys they don't know. There's a real unusual stand off. Not quite two strange cats in a room, but something along those lines. What are we supposed to talk about...?

Maybe I'm completely wide of the mark, maybe it was just me who felt a little awkward. Then of course, because he's new on the scene, The Thief was examining him, as I assume all best friends do for their girlfriends. She stood there silently analysing him. While I stood there silently being awkward and Jacko cooked. Sounds comfy right?

For a finish it was all good. Friendly. We all chatted. Ate dinner and (shudder) watched X Factor. Very pleasant, very polite. Just that first few minutes that killed me. I'm too young to double date dammit!! That's for people in their thirties or something... I've another three and a half years before that's me.

P.S. Dinner was unreal. Jacko can cook and then some. She may even be better than me. Who am I kidding? I burn toast. Six year olds can cook better than me. Compliments to the chef...

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