Monday, February 28, 2011

Thing 301 Make a Video Montage

There's way too many days when I'm harping back over college days. You'd swear i was some kind of old timer the way I go on. "Back in my day...". I'm a man of many bad habits, so I'm not about to stop this one: Back in my days in college, Dr Frasier and Badger used to be wizards with the movie making on the laptop. Dr Frasier made a video montage of old photos of our college days and set it to the old time tune "We'll Meet Again". Nearly reduced me to tears about a month after we'd finished college. Good times.

I was always slightly envious of his ability to make these things. Badger was just as good, but funnier. He made a video for Little Squirrel that had us all in tears laughing. Poor Little Squirrel had to take a lot of abuse. Mind you, he dished it out goodo too. So I got busy for Thing 301 and made a downloaded the movie maker and got to work.

First problem is that I'm a lemon. A human version of a fruit. Technology wouldn't be my strongest suit in the world, and when I'm excited about something I tend to make a balls of it. So it took me way longer than it should have. Mostly because I accidentally deleted the videos. Twice.

Thankfully I've a wealth of old photos to choose from. The Project has been well photographed over the last eleven months. So here is my tribute to Token Northy, and the many ridiculous facial expressions he has. I've dedicated it, most lovingly, to himself and Lady Northy, because they're engaged, and the wedding is going to be awesome. Plus I figure that the nicer I am, the more likely I am to get an invite. Pony Boy and The Frenchman can stay at home... losers!

But wait... there's more...

Pony Boy puts Token Northy in the ha'penny place with his expressive face, and I felt that I absolutely should. So I did. Here's yet another masterpiece of video making. Starring Pony Boy...

But that's not the best one... the best one is still to come. First; some background.

We're obsessed with our fishtank. It sits in the kitchen and would put Coronation Street to shame for the intricate storylines and plots we get from it. There are some outstanding individual performers in that tank. Firstly there's Catfish. His very unoriginal name comes from the fact that he's a catfish. Interesting note about them is that they grow BIG. It won't be long before he's the biggest in there. And nobody f***s with him. He lives under a rock, and doesn't like being bothered. So none of the other fish go anywhere near him. Then there's New Shark. He's the second of two small shark-looking fish. A late arrival to the tank, he quickly stamped his authority on all around him. By eating them. What a charmer. Then there's Rope Fish. He's a long eel looking yoke, and a menace to the tank. He's the only one who messes with Catfish.

In the early days of TankTown we introduced ten Neons to the others. We called them The Disco Brothers. On the second day in the tank, we noticed there were only nine of them, and Rope Fish was looking fat. The third day, there was just eight, and Catfish was burping out tiny little bones. The next day, just seven and New Shark had unbuckled his belt a little. You get where this is going. All ten of them were eaten.

Never ones to learn our lesson, we bought ten new ones and popped them in. Same story. One by one, they were picked off... until. The last Disco Brother. He's been in there for months now. All on his own. Surviving. He's like the Highlander of Neons. We call him Disco Ninja, and he's either saved his life by becoming someone's bitch, or he's the most badass Neon in the world. I'm choosing to believe it's the second one.

And so...

Without (much) further ado...

The Sluggery Boys present...

Disco Ninja:

P.S. I told you we're obsessed with that tank.

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