Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thing 291 Solve a Rubik Cube

Ignore all the numbers, they're not important unless you want to play sudoku at the same time as solving the Rubik Cube. Which I don't. I've had considerable difficulties from time to time just getting my feet into the correct legs of my trousers, and now you want me to solve a Rubik Cube and a Sudoku Cube at the same time... bah. I'll stick with the Rubik part.

Them's the colouredy bits. Green, orange, purple, blue, red and pink. Each to match up correctly on every side so that all the correct colours are in sequence. Shouldn't be too hard right? There are plenty of teenagers who can do this shit in under two minutes. I haven't been a teenager for nearly nine years now. I can surely kick these kids asses...
Success. It only took two hours and fifteen minutes. I'm too lazy to go back through all the previous blogs to check, but I'm nearly sure I found a needle in a haystack quicker than that. A six metre by six metre haystack, and I found a needle quicker than I could solve this. Having said that, I'm totally chuffed with myself. Seriously, it's no easy feat. Ever tried it? It's not simple.

I may have seriously confused myself though. I did ask for some outside help. See if you can make head arse nor tail of this guy. Because Lord knows I couldn't.... Click me! So yeah, I was cheating I guess, not that it did me any good mind you. I was utterly clueless about what he was saying. Algorithmic this, formula that. Utterly pointless trying to use this guy. The worst thing is that he thinks he's making it easy to understand... my eye.

So I started just twisting. Over and over. I flicked a bit this way, then that way, and if you asked me to do it all over again, I really wouldn't know what to do. I was nearly completely lost. In fact, I'd stopped paying much attention and was watching TV with The Frenchman, Little Flower and Pony Boy. I was only paying mild attention to anything else.

The next thing I look down and i'm nearly there. I'm talking just two blocks or so away from completely perfect. That's when I started panicking. I don't mind making a balls of it completely when there's nothing there to really make a balls of, but when you're this close to the end...

Thankfully, I didn't completely destroy it. I took the long way around and I did look up some tips and tricks for helping, but that's only because I'm stupid, and require help.

You would too.


  1. You took the stickers off and rearranged them, didn't you?

  2. Ha ha. No. For a while I tried to rip it apart so I could glue it back together but Blani was having none of it. Plus it's surprisingly strong. It's probably a rare occurrence, but I accidentally solved it all on my own...