Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thing 238 Dye My Hair

I've had some pretty outrageous hair-do's over the years. I had braids in my hair once. In college, because I thought it was cool, I'd occasionally dax up the hair and slick it back, like one of the 1950's Greasers. I shudder to think. I've had a mohawk punk style, and a mohawk Mr T style. I've had frosted tips, kinda long hair and most frequently, as shaved head. I'm not one for dying the hair though. It's not that I'm terribly fond of my hair colour, I just nothing it. As in, I feel neither way inclined to like it or loathe it. Mostly, my hair just annoys me.

As you can see from the picture above, I should have stuck to the "No Dye" policy. I look like some kind of badly drawn anime character who escaped out of Pokemon cartoons into real life. Thankfully, The Project lets me get away with all manner of stupidities, and this one is no different. On a slight aside, I'm becoming fed up with the lack of shock value anything I do gets anymore. I had this hair dyed in Thorny Wire's bar, at the counter by Volcanic and Token Northy. Thorny Wire walks in:

"Hello Boone. Dying the hair I see".

Gone are the days when people might have exclaimed at my stupidity. I know the point of The Project isn't shock value, but even a little exclamation now and again wouldn't kill you...
The colour choice wasn't mine to make by the way. There's no way it could be, because I'd just pick something normal and get away with it. Or at least try to. I left it to Volcanic and Token Northy, just because I knew that Token Northy loves to cause me distress when and where possible, and his choice would be the one to cause me most discomfort, and that's the real point - breaking out of a comfort zone.

Red though? Seriously? In my head I was going to let them dye it, let it dry, take my head home with me, obviously enough, and shave it bald. No one would ever know. The lads were having none of it, and rightly so. There's no fun in having a massively embarrassing head and not showing it off to the world. Sure where's the banter in that?
I admire people who can carry it off. Wear the absurd hair colour and not be self conscious about it. Those people, who are few and far between are to be applauded for their creativity and individuality. On the other hand... The people who dye their hair because they dislike conforming, but are self conscious about it, they can be picked out a mile away, make it look silly. I guess it's a confidence thing. I can safely say, I fall into the second category. I was nearly apologising to people who looked at me strangely. I avoided my mother and father like the plague... The abuse would have been too much.

As it was, there was plenty of stick handed out at work, so much so that I wore a hat to cover my shame, and went to our work Christmas party looking like I was doing a Jason Mraz impression. I'll never dye it again, and that includes when I start going gray... "oh I say that now" says you...


  1. Its been 2 weeks without anything new... NEW BLOGS PLEASE!

  2. Dan looking forward to a whole pile of blogs in the New Year, have a good 1

  3. No new blogs for a while - hope everything's alright - looking forward to the new ones. If you just fell off the horse then why not get back on again? The world will forgive you...Caroline