Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thing 226 Celebrate Thanksgiving

American television has a lot to answer for. The list is pretty long, but right up there is the celebration of Thanksgiving. I'm one of those (many many, too numerous to count) saddos who's seen Friends fifty million times. Including the numerous Thanksgiving specials. I shouldn't know anything about an American traditional holiday. I don't know anything about Italian traditional holidays or Ethiopian holidays... curse you American TV, every time I learn about something new it pushes old things I learned right out of my head. Just knowing about Thanksgiving has erased my memory of maths...

For example; I know there's American football on Thanksgiving day, and that it's the last Thursday of every November. So this year we decided we'd celebrate it. We're not American, but we have things to thankful for: Cheese, for example. The International Monetary Fund. The Rubberbandits... this list is not exhaustive...

It was a pretty awesome day. We (and by we I mean Spoon and The Frenchman) fed seventeen people. We packed seventeen people into the house, and Spoon and The Frenchman cooked up a storm. I crushed some garlic. See, I can be useful...
On top of that, Size Two Shoes turned up for some grub, and while the turkey was roasting in the oven, they performed a little impromptu gig in our living room. How many Irish Thanksgiving Day parties include gigs in the living room?

In fact, it went so well, it started to look like a Budweiser ad. Honestly... It was positively cheesey. I loved it. Guitars all over the shop. Beers. A fire. Plenty laughs and a toast to the things we should be thankful for. This kind of cheese is right up my alley.
Now, to feed seventeen people you'll need the following: A Frenchman, a Spoon, a ten pound turkey crown, about two car loads of potatoes. Cranberry sauce (apparently it's an American thing). You'll need boatloads of gravy. Steamed veg, roast veg and boiled veg (of any variety). You'll also need to get any clowns who'll just interfere to stay out of the kitchen. Which is what I did... It was my contribution to Thankgiving: do nothing. I'm sure everyone was thankful for it.
P.S. I was mostly taking the piss, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, today CiCi Do gave birth to her fourth child, my third niece. Baby Grace was born at 7:15am on the morning of Thanksgiving 25th November 2010. Healthy, hale and hearty. Now there's something to be thankful for. We toasted her future.

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