Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The List So Far...

Righty then...

Thanks to some outstanding work by people with greater imaginations than I - the list now covers 144 items for completion. Also, thanks to a shady back-hand deal, I can complete a lifelong goal and punch a clown. You really don't want to know what the forfeit is... Cool though eh? Punching a clown. Awesome.

But thanks to the fact that I spend time at work not doodling, and not trying to think of things to add, I don't seem to be getting as far along as I could be. Maybe I should take some leave. That'd be an interesting conversation with the boss...

Dan: "I need a few days off".
Boss: "Why?"
Dan: "I want to spend my time thinking of things to add to a list which I'll then complete over the course of a year".
Boss: "Sit down Dan. And shut up".

All of these are open to criticism and you're welcome to offer any changes... most of all though - I need new ideas.

Anyway... here it goes:

Be naked for a day
Eat a raw egg
Smash a guitar
Meet a pornstar
Sleep rough
Dress in drag
Lie down under a wind turbine
Scuba dive
Hack into a computer
Get onto a bus to an unknown destination
Play a song on a guitar
Fight in a boxing match
Invite a stranger to dinner
Cut someone else’s hair
Chop down a tree
Jump out of a moving car
Kiss a monkey
Write a computer program
Put something on YouTube
Plant a tree
Run a marathon
Climb a mountain
See the Eiffel Tower
Go a day without electricity
Visit a sensory deprivation tank
Go on a vision quest
Make and eat a salad
Eat blue steak
Write a fan mail
Make a bath of jelly.
Make a three figure bet
Swim in the Shannon
Drive or sail a boat
Wear all clothes inside out
Go fishing
Milk a cow
Have a spin in a chopper
Punch a clown
Do the skateboard “olly”
Go speed dating eat sushi
Go to a Star Trek convention
Bake a cake
Get a tattoo
Build a treehouse
A night out with no booze
Kiss the Blarney Stone
Start a fire from scratch
Knit a scarf
Smoke a cigarette through my nostrils
Fire a real gun
cycle through a drive thru
Cycle to work
Be blind for a day
Make pottery
Back, sack and crack wax
Spin the bottle
Be someone’s slave for a day.
Get a piercing
Wear odd shoes for a day
Barber shave
Drink sacramental wine
Wear women’s underwear for a day
Make an origami rose
Go hunting
Dye my hair a ridiculous colour
Lie in a coffin
Stay overnight in a haunted house
Don’t speak for one day
Drive from Malin to Mizen Head
Sit in every eat in Thomond Park
Read the entire Bible
Fly a plane
Be mam for a day
Introduce myself to all my neighbours
Weld something
Smash a computer monitor
Jump off Ardnacrusha Bridge
Watch an entire box series of some girl’s television show
Cut turf
Play cricket
Play a full round of golf
Smoke a pipe
Play grown up 45
Make a petrol bomb
Do that thing with the coke and the mentos.
Picnic on a roundabout
Watch all six Star Wars in one day.
Write my name using my toes.
Get one of my own t-shirts made
Build my own lego army
Get a cake/pie in the face
Blow something up
Take a tango lesson
Play an online shoot em up
Swim with all my clothes on
Attend a non-catholic religious ceremony
Write a letter to the Times.
Write my own crossword
Stay a night in Longford
Speak only in sarcasm for the day
Write my own obituary
Camp in my back garden
Write a song
Set up a large dominoes game
Trace the family tree
Say yes for a day
Learn another alphabet
Go to Newgrange
Go to the Giant’s Causeway
Make a sauce from scratch
Write a limerick about limerick
Invent my own country with a flag and anthem
Attend a drag show
Get my fortune told
Count to 2,000
Make a vegan dinner
Make a human pyramid
Make a perfect fast-food dinner
Drive a motorbike
Wear a kilt
Go-kart racing
Make skittle vodka
Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
Bid at an auction
Eat tofu
But 1,000 penny sweets
Adopt an animal
Go grape-crushing
Make a lemon-battery
Have a pint in a particular sibin
Make a balloon animal
Teach a class
Fire a bow and arrow
Spend a day trying to solve a rubix cube
Wash car windows at traffic lights
Wear and England jersey for a day
Stay outdoors for 24 hours
Queue overnight for tickets to something.


  1. Learn to fly
    make a table and chair

  2. Ooooh... carpentry. That's probably worth a shot. Thanks man.

  3. Get yourself on the RTE six one news!

  4. Be a model for a day.
    Pretend to be someones shadow for half a day.
    Give your binman a hug.
    Post a letter in a post office.

  5. Build a computer (easier than it sounds)

    Finish a full cryptic by yourself

    Write a short story and submit it somewhere for publication

    Sell something on ebay

    Learn to juggle

  6. Give a cat a tablet (at least try to).

    Take a surf lesson.

    Get kicked out of a nightclub for being drunk and disorderly.

    Try everything on the Abrakebra menu.

  7. Haha!! Give a cat a tablet. Genius... I wont do it mind, but it is genius.

  8. I can't believe you never jumped off the ardnacrusha bridge. We used jump off the station. Dan your a big girls blouse.

  9. i think you should take a pensioner out to dinner
    or go up in a hot air balloon
    eat the sweets from the pick and mix stand before they are weighed
    give a big issue seller a rose
    and push a supermarket trolley all the way home

  10. Watch the Lord of the Rings (directors cut)trilogy in one Day