Monday, January 11, 2010

Half way there... 183 Things

Wow... and I thought that doing the tasks was going to be difficult. I can't even finish the list! Still though, half way there's not bad eh? Just another 183 Things to go. Fair play to everyone though - there's been some quality ideas from some people, and other people are managing to display on a fairly public scale, exactly how sick and depraved they are. Many thanks and fond regards to The Barman for suggesting that I should piss myself in public. He's got nothing on Man You Boy though - public masturbation made a few people laugh.

I'm getting kind of worried by the amount of Things that start with the word "eat". It's no wonder God Boy and BandMan spend their time calling me fat. In fact, suspiciously enough, a lot of people are calling me fat these days. Jealous of my sweet hockey body I guess.


Keep em coming folks, and if you can't think of anymore, then spread the terror and start asking others. Hassle people in the street for ideas. Ask your bus driver and cab driver. Punish people who refuse to co-operate... Nah I'm kidding. But seriously, do it.

So without further ado - here's the half complete List.

Be naked for a day
Eat a raw egg
Smash a guitar
Meet a pornstar
Sleep rough
Dress in drag
Lie down under a wind turbine
Scuba dive
Hack into a computer
Get onto a bus to an unknown destination
Play a song on a guitar
Fight in a boxing match
Invite a stranger to dinner
Cut someone else’s hair
Chop down a tree
Jump out of a moving car
Kiss a monkey
Write a computer program
Put something on YouTube
Plant a tree
Run a marathon
Climb a mountain
See the Eiffel Tower
Go a day without electricity
Visit a sensory deprivation tank
Go on a vision quest
Make and eat a salad
Eat blue steak
Write a fan mail
Make a bath of jelly.
Make a three figure bet
Swim in the Shannon
Drive or sail a boat
Wear all clothes inside out
Go fishing
Milk a cow
Have a spin in a chopper
Punch a clown
Do the skateboard “olly”
Go speed dating
Eat sushi
Go to a Star Trek convention
Bake a cake
Get a tattoo
Build a treehouse
A night out with no booze
Kiss the Blarney Stone
Start a fire from scratch
Knit a scarf
Smoke a cigarette through my nostrils
Fire a real gun
Cycle through a drive thru
Cycle to work
Be blind for a day
Make pottery
Back, sack and crack wax
Spin the bottle
Be someone’s slave for a day.
Get a piercing
Wear odd shoes for a day
Barber shave
Drink sacramental wine
Wear women’s underwear for a day
Make an origami rose
Go hunting
Dye my hair a ridiculous colour
Lie in a coffin
Stay overnight in a haunted house
Don’t speak for one day
Drive from Malin to Mizen Head
Sit in every eat in Thomond Park
Read the entire Bible
Fly a plane
Be mam for a day
Introduce myself to all my neighbours
Weld something
Smash a computer monitor
Jump off Ardnacrusha Bridge
Watch an entire box series of some girl’s television show
Cut turf
Play cricket
Play a full round of golf
Smoke a pipe
Play grown up 45
Make a petrol bomb
Do that thing with the coke and the mentos.
Picnic on a roundabout
Watch all six Star Wars in one day.
Write my name using my toes.
Get one of my own t-shirts made
Build my own lego army
Get a cake/pie in the face
Blow something up
Take a tango lesson
Play an online shoot em up
Swim with all my clothes on
Attend a non-catholic religious ceremony
Write a letter to the Times.
Write my own crossword
Stay a night in Longford
Speak only in sarcasm for the day
Write my own obituary
Camp in my back garden
Write a song
Set up a large dominoes game
Trace the family tree
Say yes for a day
Learn another alphabet
Go to Newgrange
Go to the Giant’s Causeway
Make a sauce from scratch
Write a limerick about limerick
Invent my own country with a flag and anthem
Attend a drag show
Get my fortune told
Count to 2,000
Make a vegan dinner
Make a human pyramid
Make a perfect fast-food dinner
Drive a motorbike
Wear a kilt
Go-kart racing
Make skittle vodka
Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
Bid at an auction
Eat tofu
But 1,000 penny sweets
Adopt an animal
Go grape-crushing
Make a lemon-battery
Have a pint in a particular sibin
Make a balloon animal
Teach a class
Fire a bow and arrow
Spend a day trying to solve a rubix cube
Wash car windows at traffic lights
Wear and England jersey for a day
Stay outdoors for 24 hours
Queue overnight for tickets to something.
Be buried completely in sand
Cycle a tandem bike
Use a ouija board
Make and drink coftea.
Eat as many hubba bubbas as I can.
Go horse racing
Attend yoga or pilates
Visit the Arann Islands
Work with a homeless shelter
Have a Mohawk for a day
Go to Oxygen
Make and play my own boardgame
Build a for using as much furniture as possible.
Learn and identify 10 constellations
Enter “rate my poo” website
Get an action bed-jumping photo.
Go to a foreign language country alone
Rollerblade down a hill
Be left handed for a day
Deliver a pizza
Visit every county in Leinster
Do a handstand
Donate blood
Brush my teeth and drink a bottle of OJ.
Go shopping with a girl
Break a mirror
Go on a blind date
Invent my own cocktail
Take the Spur Steakhouse challenge
Build a table and chair.
Sell something on ebay.
Hug my binman
Eat haggis.
Paint a picture on canvass.
Eat a pomegranate
Make a coconut bra
Meet an ombudsman
Bet on an obscure sport
Randomly ring a foreign country for a chat.

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